Evangelism in the North American Mission Field

Recently, Dr. David Watson of United Theological Seminary interviewed me about evangelism in the context of the declining Western church and some what we are doing with Spirit & Truth. I really enjoyed getting to share about a topic that I am so passionate about and is at the heart of our ministry. Follow the link below to check out the full interview…

Here is an excerpt where I shared on the question, “Are there new ways that churches should think about evangelism?”

What I’m passionate about, and much of what drives our ministry at Spirit & Truth, are not so much new ways of evangelism, but historic principles of evangelism that you find at the heart of every great move of God all the way back to Jesus. Whether you’re thinking about Jesus’ approach to ministry in episodes like the woman at the well, or the massive importance of field preaching in the Wesleyan revival, a key premise of effective evangelism is that we take the Gospel to the people rather than expecting unbelievers to come to us. This stands in stark contrast to the prevailing church growth methods of our day which are built entirely on the idea of attracting people to the church.

I believe in our post-Christendom culture we have to regain a sense of the missionary nature of the church. We have to stop thinking about North America as a bastion of Christian influence and start seeing it as a mission field. When people are not just showing up at the church for services any longer, we need to stop looking for a silver bullet program or style and get serious about going to them. For this reason the evangelism focus of our ministry with Spirit & Truth is all about training everyday Christians to share Christ. I fundamentally believe that there will never be an evangelism strategy, marketing ploy, or attractional gimmick that can replace everyday Christians seeing themselves as missionaries planted by God right where they live, work, and play. Right now, every single one of our churches includes people in nearly every sort of societal sphere of influence. If more of those people started living as missionaries the impact would be tremendous.

Read the complete article on Dr. David Watson’s blog.

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